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Please note:  Prices shown are end user list prices.  Contact us to place your order, and to enquire about prices for customers with resale certificates at 877-567-1190.

Part NumberDescriptionAce NumberList Price
96175-400R96K Version 1 Mtr/Gbox Assy.  24 Volt5112$790.00
84732-400R96K Version 2 Digital Mtr/Gbox Assy5111$790.00
96010-400R96K Version 1 Non-Digital Control5102$590.00
84657-400R96K Version 2 Digital Control5101$590.00
96991-400R96 A/Slid 120Volt L Bracket Mtr/Gbox Assy.5113$950.00
96005-400R96K Transformer Box5103$110.00
4204108946Bottom Guide Assembly5128$120.00
4204100092Nylon Guide Block Only5129$25.50

Part Number
Ace NumberList Price
72600-400RA/Slide Belt Drive Mtr/Gbox Assy.  (Computerized)5115$590.00
72615-400RA/Slide Belt Drive Gearbox Only5117$210.00
72187-400RA/Slide Belt/Chain Drive Comp. Motor5118$420.00
72188-400CRA/Slide Chain Drive Mtr/Grbx Assy.  Computer Style$590.00
72188-400RA/Slide Chain Drive Mtr/Gbox Assy.  Non Computer Style5116$590.00
70026-400RA/Slide Chain Drive Gearbox Only.  Non Computer Style5119$210.00
70025-400RA/Slide Chain Drive Gearbox Only.  Computer Style5119$210.00
70586-400RAstroslide Computerized Control$590.00
70587-400RAstroslide Computerized Control$590.00
70588-400RAstroslide Computerized Control5104$700.00
70596-400RAstroslide Computerized Control5105$700.00
70598-400RControl - Compatible with both of the following Parts:  96991-400R, 72620-400R
75010-400RAstroslide Fail Secure Electric Lock5108$450.00
75030-400RAstrosilde Fail Safe Electric Lock5109$450.00
84434-900RSO Panel Top Pivot (RH) - Compatible with Astroslide Series and 96K Series5126$75.20
84435-900RSO Panel Top Pivot (LH) - Compatible with Astroslide Series and 96K Series5126$75.20
84436-900SO Panel Bottom Pivot (RH) - Compatible with Astroslide Series and 96K Series5127$75.20
84437-900SO Panel Bottom Pivot (LH) - Compatible with Astroslide Series and 96K Series5127$75.20
4204109417Astroslide Hanger Pin5136$20.00
4204109746Astroslide Carriage Wheel Assembly5134$90.00
4204118653Astroslide Anti-Jar Wheel Kit5133$34.00

Part NumberDescriptionAce NumberList Price
81001-401RA/Swing Non Computerized RH Operator Assy5182$405.00
81001-402RA/Swing Non Computerized LH Operator Assy.5183$405.00
81008-401RA/Swing Non Computerized RH Gearbox Only$380.00
81008-402RA/Swing Non Computerized LH Gearbox Only$380.00
81002-401RA/Swing Computer Style RH Operator Assembly5186$600.00
81002-402RA/Swing Computer Style LH Operator Assembly5187$600.00
81080-401RA/Swing Computer Style RH Gearbox Only$380.00
81080-402RA/Swing Computer Style RH Gearbox Only5193$380.00
81560-401RAstroswing Standard Computerized Motor Only - RH5194$220.00
81560-402RAstroswing Standard Computerized Motor Only - LH$220.00
95992-401RAstroswing 240Volt Dunker Motor Only - RH$410.00
95992-402RAstroswing 240Volt Dunker Motor Only - LH$410.00
81650-400RA/Swing Non Computerized Control5169$400.00
85425-400RA/Swing Computerized Control5161$540.00
84540-400RA/Swing Micro/Computerized Control$540.00
84580-400RA/Swing Universal Control$540.00
81540-400RA/Swing Computerized Control$450.00
84555-400RA/Swing Control W/ Super Nova$500.00
85420-400RAstroswing Universal Control5162$540.00
77155-400RA/Swing Sensor Rail Control (New Style)5175$356.00
77153-400RA/Swing Sensor Rail Control (Old Style)5176$356.00
77258-400RA/Swing Sensor Rail Transmitter5178$57.00
77257-400RA/Swing Sensor Rail Receiver5177$57.00
81288-400RHandi Swing Control5170$350.00
81322-900Panic Break Out Switch5180$166.50
880-000OHC Complete Arm Assembly5201$303.25
885-100OHC Composite Arm Only5200$236.40

Part NumberDescriptionAce NumberList Price
83800-401RMid-Swing RH Mtr/Gbox Assy.5184$600.00
83800-402RMid-Swing LH Mtr/Gbox Assy.5185$600.00
83810-401RMid-Swing RH Gearbox Only$380.00
83810-402RMid-Swing LH Gearbox Only$380.00
83815-401RMid-Swing RH Motor Only$220.00
83815-402RMid-Swing LH Motor Only$220.00
85455-400RMid-Swing Control5165$500.00
85450-400RMid-Swing Control5166$500.00
81322-900Panic Breakout Switch$166.40
880-000OHC Complete Arm Assy.$303.25
885-100OHC Composit Arm Only$236.40

Part NumberDescriptionAce NumberList Price
81007-401RSenior Swing Computer Style RH Operator Assembly$600.00
81007-402RSenior Swing Computer Style LH Operator Assembly$600.00
84561-400RSenior Swing Control w/ Push Control$405.00
81270-400RSenior Swing Control $405.00
84570-400RSenior Swing Universal Control$500.00
85440-400RSenior Swing Control5164$540.00
85445-400RSenior Swing Control5163$540.00

Part NumberDescriptionAce NumberList Price
85001-401RJunior Swing Operator Assembly - RH$425.00
85001-402RJunior Swing Operator Assembly - LH$425.00
84240-400RJunior Swing Control With PNG5171$290.00
84120-400RJunior Swing Control w/out PNG5172$290.00

Part NumberDescriptionAce NumberList Price
83801-401RAstro Fold RH Mtr/Gbox Assembly5188$600.00
83801-402RAstro Fold LH Mtr/Gbox Assembly5189$600.00
83802-401RAstro Fold RH Gear Box Only$380.00
83802-402RAstro Fold LH Gear Box Only$380.00
85435-400RAstro Fold Control (RH Slave D Connector)5167$540.00
84585-400RAstro Fold Control (LH 2 Prong Amp Connector for Slave)5168$540.00

Part NumberDescriptionAce NumberList Price
95100-400RBenchmark Operator Assemebly5192$810.00
99025-400RBenchmark Control5173$440.00
95205-400RBenchmark Control5174$470.00