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Please note:  Prices shown are end user list prices.  Contact us to place your order, and to enquire about prices for customers with resale certificates at 877-567-1190.

Part NumberDescriptionAce NumberList Price
BASMTGBRA Series Motor Gearbox Assembly5014$800.00
10-04-105RA Series Gearbox Only5017$500.00
10-15-001RA Series Motor Only5016$285.00
10-02-001RA Series PC Board5001$540.00
10-02-110RA Series Revolution Counter5015$180.00
11-15-001RB Series Motor Gearbox Assembly5018$800.00
BBSMTGBB Series Gearbox Only5021$400.00
11-02-100RB Series Motor Only5020$450.00
11-02-001RB Series PC Board5002$460.00
11-02-110RB Series Revolution Counter5019$180.00

Part NumberDescriptionAce NumberList Price
19-15-001RC Series Motor Gearbox Assembly5022$1030.00
18-15-001RC Series EZ Fit Mtr/Grbx Assembly5022EZ$1030.00
19-05-005RC Series Gearbox Only5025$396.00
18-05-001RC Series EZ Fit Gear Box Only5025EZ$405.00
18-15-106RC Series Motor & Rev Counter Only5024$570.00
18-02-001RC Series PC Board (Gold Ctrl) CUA5003$680.00
14-02-006RC Series Revolution Counter5023$180.00
14-02-003RC Series Power Supply5012$360.00
19-02-022RC Series Connector Board5011$85.00
50-04-410ACEBottom Guide Pin & Washer$25.00
50-04-410Bottom Guide Pin Only5043$23.00
50-21-002Bottom Guide Nylon Washer Only5045$4.00

Part NumberDescriptionAce NumberList Price
04-15-548726R  AMD I Motor Unit (1 1/4" Pulley)5026$680.00
04-02-548727RAMD I Motor Unit (1 3/4" Pulley)5026$680.00
04-02-654935RAMD I Control Unit5004$735.00
04-02-655128.1RAMD I 10 Amp Power Supply5013$360.00
04-02-655128.5RAMD I 5 Amp Power Supply5013$360.00
549712RAMD II (CUD 9) Mtr/Gbox Assy.5027$850.00
655711RAMD II (CUD) Control Unit5005$700.00
04-02-692065RAMD I Fail Safe Electric Lock Assembly$533.00
04-02-692064RAMD I Fail Secure Electric Lock Assymbly$533.00
50-04-410ACEBottom Guide Pin and Washer$25.00

Part NumberDescriptionAce NumberList Price
30-10-001RSwingmaster 300 RH Operator Assy5077$540.00
30-10-002RSwingmaster 300 LH Operator Assy5077$540.00
30-10-109RRSwingmaster 305 RH Operator Assy5078$540.00
30-10-109LRSwingmaster 305 LH Operator Assy5078$540.00
30-10-104RRSwingmaster 350 RH Operator Assy5079$540.00
30-10-104LRSwingmaster 350 LH Operator Assy5079$540.00
30-10-105RRSwingmaster 355 RH Operator Assy$540.00
30-10-105LRSwingmaster 355 LH Operator Assy$540.00
30-10-106RSwingmaster 400 RH Operator Assy$540.00
30-10-107RSwingmaster 400 LH Operator Assy$540.00
30-10-108RRSwingmaster 405 RH Operator Assy$540.00
30-10-108LHSwingmaster 405 LH Operator Assy$540.00
30-10-110RSwingmaster 450 RH Operator Assy$540.00
30-10-111RSwingmaster 450 LH Operator Assy$540.00
30-10-112RSwingmaster 455 RH Operator Assy5080$540.00
30-10-113RSwingmaster 455 LH Operator Assy5080$540.00
30-10-050RRS/Master Standard RH G/box Only5081$288.00
30-10-050LRS/Master Standard LH G/box Only5081$288.00
30-10-100092SRS/Master MP Operator Assy - Surface Applied5084$680.00
30-10-100092RS/Master MP Operator Assy - Overhead Concealed5082$680.00
30-02-101RS/Master Standard Motor Only5085$270.00
30-15-173664RS/Master MP Motor Only5083$560.00
30-15-010RRS/Master Single Control With Rheostat5007$332.00
30-15-011RRS/Master PC Dual Control With Rheostat5006$480.00
30-02-655449.01RS/Master 6.1 Version MP CUP Control5008$570.00
30-02-655499.02RS/Master 6.2 Version MP CUP Control5008$570.00
30-02-655499.03RS/Master 6.3 Version MP CUP Control5008$570.00
30-02-655499.04RS/Master 6.4 Version MP CUP Control5008$570.00
30-02-202Swingmaster Standard Microswitch$16.10
30-02-200Swingmaster Short Arm Microswitch$15.00
50-15-0005Swingmaster Universal Pivot Assy.5095$55.90
30-15-202Swingmaster Shaft Adaptor Kit$133.42

Part NumberDescriptionAce NumberList Price
21-07-001RElectra 150 Hydraulic Operator Assembly$1000.00
21-02-002RElectra 150 CSD 110 Master Control5009$250.00
21-02-006RElectra 150 CSD 110 Slave Control5010$180.00

Part NumberDescriptionAce NumberList Price
50-04-410Bottom Guide Pin Only5043$23.00
50-21-002Bottom Guide Nylon Washer5045$8.00
50-04-410ACEBottom Guide Pin and Washer$25.00