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Policy Statments

All equipment listed is priced with exchange due.  The term exchange is used to describe the exact same unit as was purchased, under normally worn conditions and of a repairable status.  These units are to be shipped back to us with the return service label, (included in your shipment) or freight prepaid at the customer's expense (including all broker fees, in and out of the U.S.A) in compliance with the 90 day core return policy, unless a time extension is given for items purchased for stock.  Return service labels are not replaceable if lost or damaged.

A core charge will be issued if core is not received within 90 days from date of purchase.

If an exchange unit is not returned without our policy period, an additional invoice will be generated reflecting its value.  This invoice is subject to our normal terms and conditions.

Our warranty is 90 days on controls, gearboxes, and motors from date of installation which allows you to stock items without fear that warranty will expire while in your shelf stock. 

Warranty covers replacement or refund only, of rebuilt equipment.  It does not cover any incidental cost incurred by failure of warrantied equipment. 

Warranty is to original customer only, and is not transferrable. 

All warranty units will be shipped out UPS ground at no charge.

**Any variations on freight on warranty units will be at the customer's expense.

All equipment received for testing will be assessed a $50.00 test charge.

We do not accept the return of any special order item.  Any customer returning damaged items will be charged for the damage.

A $40.00 fee will be assessed for all checks returned for insufficient funds.

All C.O.D. Packages returned to us as "refused" will be assessed a $25.00 handling charge.

All delinquent accounts turned over for collection will be liable for all costs and fees associated with said collection including attorney fees and collection agency fees.